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About TianDE


The way to happiness, youth and beauty has never been so simple and the vision so clear and obvious.

It all started with a dream. The dream of an ideal world. A bit of fantasy, a powerful surge of creative energy and a drop of luck helped us to turn a dream into a PERFECT VISION: We created a company with philosophy reaching as high as the sky. TianDe means “heavenly perfection” in Mandarin.

We, however, stand with both feet firmly on the ground and we are aware that even the most brilliant ideas would be fruitless without reliable foundations. TianDe products have reliable foundations: they have been created following traditional recipes of the East and the Altai. Their quality is guaranteed by centuries of experience. We are very proud of this heritage. It enables us to make the PERFECT VISION A REALITY.

TianDe’s PERFECT VISION and PERFECT PRODUCTS fill the world with beauty and love. People pass these on from one to another creating a PERFECT TEAM. The team of free and happy people who are the masters of their dreams and their lives.

THE PERFECT TRINITY – ideas, products and teams – creates a harmony of PERFECT NATURAL BEAUTY in a PERFECT WORLD of your opportunities – the TianDe World!

The philosophy of heavenly harmony that is embodied in the recipes of wise healers and the energy of beauty in each of our products are like sparks of happiness that we pass from hand to hand in the TianDe World. This is the perfection we are happy to share with you!