Intensive Eye Skin Complex Eye Mask & Phyto Essence 100 pcs + 10 ml

Double strength rejuvenation from TianDe!

It is impossible to imagine skin care in 35 years without special means for delicate skin around the eyes.

It is in this area that the first wrinkles appear, therefore it is necessary to start caring for it in time – not only to clean it carefully, but also to moisturize and nourish it. Intensive complex for the skin around the eyes – these are two products in one: a mask-model and phyto-essence

Intensive complex for the skin around the eyes, a series of “Tibetan Herbs” – helps to reduce the depth and number of wrinkles, reduces the severity of the “crow’s feet”, removes swelling. Eliminates signs of fatigue, relieves irritation of the skin, moisturizes and refreshes. Phyto essence fixes the action of the mask.

• Helps to reduce the depth and number of wrinkles, reduce swelling and “crow’s feet»
• Eliminates traces of fatigue, relieves irritation of the skin
• moisturizes the skin, giving it a glow Phyto reinforces action mask

is suitable for the skin around the eyes from the age of 35.

mask dummy impregnated with a biologically active composition comprising the following components
Hydrolyzed Collagen (Hydrolyzed collagen) – collagen, which with pomo- schyu amplifiers substances (enhaserov, from the English word enhance – «improve, be amplified”) easily overcome the epidermal barrier :
• stimulates the restoration of the natural collagen fibers of the dermis;
• improves strength, elasticity and skin turgor;
• forms a protective film on the skin, which binds water and thereby reduces the transepidermal water loss (TEWL – Transepidermal Moisture Loss)Algae Extract (Algae extract) – «battery-energiser for cells”: 
• contains alginic acid, which tightens and moisturizes the skin, as it is capable of adsorbing water weighing almost 300 times its own;
• contains a mineral energy cocktail, in which zinc, copper and magnesium play the most significant role for “tired” skin cells: – zinc is an important component of more than 200 enzymes involved in the processes of metabolism and tissue repair; – copper promotes healing of wounds and abrasions, activates cell growth; – magnesium is necessary for the functioning of enzymes involved in the formation of connective tissue.Phyto essence includes the following components .
Olive oil(Olea europaea fruit oil) is a valuable natural ingredient that is called “liquid gold” for the skin:
• linoleic acid in its composition is contained in the same percentage ratio as in breast milk;
• oleic acid contained in olive oil is part of the epidermal lipids of the skin, therefore, it strengthens the protective barrier of the epidermis, reducing transepidermal moisture loss;
• Vitamin E contained in the olive extract is called the “youth vitamin” for its ability to protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals. If, among the vitamins, there was a competition for the title of the most beneficial for the skin, then vitamin E would enter the top 3 ;
• due to the content of olive extract, cosmetic products do not clog the pores.

Rose essential oil(Rosa centifolia flower oil), the queen of flowers, is an aphrodisiac, has a beneficial effect on dry and fading skin, gives it a radiant healthy look:
• eliminates peeling and irritation, reduces the severity of wrinkles;
• is a source of vitamins A and C, which protect skin cells from the effects of free radicals;
• contains natural fatty acids that restore the protective functions of the skin

Geranium essential oil (Geranium maculatum oil):
• moisturizes, helps restore skin elasticity and elasticity;
• helps to reduce the production of sebum, normalizes the sweat glands of the skin;
• protects cells from free radicals

Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia oil):
• nourishes, soothes the skin, is used for redness and peeling;
• tones the skin, improves metabolism;
• Suitable for all skin types

Apply the mask to cleansed eyelid skin for 15-20 minutes, then remove the mask, rinse your face with water. After that, apply a small amount of phyto-essences on the skin around the eyes.
It is recommended to apply a mask daily for 10-15 days, then 2 times a week. Do not apply on damaged, irritated or inflamed skin.Result – Optimized energy potential of the skin around the eyes.